To actually keep a secret in this world seems impossible. One person with a secret tells “just one person,” that person in turn tells one additional person, that third person tells others. Information oozes out.

Or perhaps it just seems that way–because we never hear the secrets that are successfully kept.

The lesson of the shift from the Geocentric to the Heliocentric model is that that which seems to be the most obvious in the world–such as the fact the sun moves and the earth doesn’t–can turn out to be a trick of perspective.

In the same way, much of what we hold most dear might cast a most different profile when viewed through a wider lens.

When history presents us with something that doesn’t make sense, we must remember: it made sense to them where they were. If we could stand where they stood, it would make equal sense to us

In the same way, we may retort to our own future’s sneer: “We did what we could with what we had. And you also shall have your follies.”