The world is a procrustean bed, and we find ourselves fitted to it. In the end, we shall all be judged by forces far out of our opinion or control, whether active (God, gods or dharma) or passive (an ironclad materialism).

Addendum to the predicate: No matter what the ultimate Truth of the universe, the vast majority of people are wrong. Considering how fragmented is human opinion, with no religion or philosophy having even a strong plurality, most people must be following what would, given some moment of ultimate reckoning, be shown as a wrong path.

The Soviet Union based Russian society on egalitarianism, and the result was a nation ruled by kleptocrats.

The Third Reich based German society on nationalism, and the result was a nation terrified of its own flag.

The Islamic Republic based Iranian society on God. When it falls, the result will be a nation of more die-hard, full-throttle, make-Sam-Harris-look-like-the-Pope atheists per square meter than anywhere else in the world.

If you attempt to base your society on a principle, the result will be a bloodstained mockery of that principle, and a vast discrediting of the purpose of your showcase.