Lord, keep us from the time of trial

But should the time of trial come, keep us strong in it.

Lord, give us Christmas cheer

But if the age should prove cheerless, give us Christmas nonetheless.

Lord, grant us Christmas peace

But if war should ride over us, let us have peace within us.

Lord, let the holi-day be a real thing, above us.

Let it not be tethered by what we do.

And if we are silent, Lord,

Let the stones sing.


Theologically speaking, Christmas is a celebration of the Doctrine of the Incarnation. See that “carn-” in there? It’s the same root as in “carnivore.” Meat. Today is about meat.

Jesus had a placenta, a big, red, dripping hunk of placenta. He had meconium, the dark, extremely sticky (though thankfully odorless) feces that results from ingested amniotic fluid in the womb. He grew. He ate. He got sick. He walked. When Christians say “the body of our Lord Jesus Christ” in Communion, we’re talking about mucous, blood, spit, semen, piss and shit.

God, in the person of Jesus Christ, has joined us here in the dirt. He has come to eat his own dog food and walk among us. God is meat. This is the core of the Christian revelation. Glory be to God.

Have a meaty, bloody Christmas. May it ooze and spew. And, as the hippies used to say, may the Baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind.