If there were any belief system that consistently produced saints–that is, if there were any system of ideas of which all its holders behaved, once they adopted said ideas, in observably good ways, to their benefit and the benefit of those they met–there were would be no more argument. All humanity would be naturally drawn to those ideas. All other ideas would die out.

That would be a disproof of nihilism.

But there is no such belief system.


Humanity currently lives the Unprecedented Era. The Unprecedented Era is a time of constant, nonrational, change generated by science and the resultant technology. It began in the vicinity of the 1840s and continues unabated thus  far.

There is no shame in creations unseen by any other human, because God sees all. And though a thousand Henry Dargers die unknown, God sees their works, and better, sees not just what was made, but what was intended, in full glory, the Ideal of every work. God’s libraries & galleries are eternal and unlimited, and He takes a pleasure there that no mortal can possibly comprehend. Through Him our art shall be exalted, and given back to us, a gift to a gift, one Creator to another.

Every day, around the world, some thousands of people are experiencing the best day of their lives, the day that will define joy for them, the day on which the entire universe seems tilted in their favor. Simultaneously, some thousands of people are experiencing the worst day of their lives, the nadir of all horror and despair, the day on which they cannot cry out because no sound could express the wrongness.

These exist together. They don’t usually meet. Though it’s tempting to say the existence of either group nullifies the existence of the other, I think that’s the wrong direction in which to judge. They just are.

There is a great gulf between knowing something on the level of theory and knowing it on the level of fact. You can have a piece of information in your brain and yet never connect with any empirical reality in the world beyond you. If something known only in theory becomes realized in life, it is often a shock. Such shocks can lead to new ways of thinking.
Neither the theories nor the facts necessarily have any connection with truth.