Welcome to the Library You See In Dreams. How you found the place or why you’re here, I can’t imagine.

I’m the Librarian, alias LYSID. It’s a pleasure to meet you. The purpose of the library, such as it is, is to give a venue to what I call my philosophy & poetry and other sundry thoughts. See, I once wrote Science Fiction and Fantasy short fiction, but gave that field up as too lucrative and mainstream (/sarcasm) . What I’m trying to do now is build a picture of the world as I understand, to sing that picture. Not because I think this will be some great boon for humanity. Because it seems to be what I do, and what I’m led to do. In an everchanging world of almost eight billion, that’s as good a reason as any.

For now, the foundation of that picture is laid out in the Apologia:

That’s where you want to start. Part #1 gives a still-current justification for me saying anything at all.

Another philosophical piece is The Problem of Information, a theme on which I shall build in the future. The Unprecedented Era (part 1 and part 2) straddles philosophy and history, shading toward the more straightforward historical view found in my snapshots of American history: Alien Americas.

I have written two juxtagraphs, “a prose poetry form best described as ‘a collage of facts.'” The first was on the Boston’s MBTA mass transit system and the second on the universally relevant subject of oil.

On the lighter side, there’s humor. Here’s one bit of which I’m fond, a filk about public art.

To spice things up, I blog about my dreams. Like the one about Buckaroo Banzai. Or the Armenian activist leader woman.

To all visitors, I tip my hat. Please pray for me, and I shall for you.