A joke from my old blog:

Two bears find a hippie’s tent in the woods and eat all the acid.

Some time later, one bear says “I am the rainbowI am The RainbowThe Rainbow arcs to the other side of the universeThe Rainbow recoils, ricochets, returnsThe Rainbow is eternalThe Rainbow is NeverThe Rainbow is deadTheRainbowisaliveIamtheRainbowIamtheRainbowTheRainbowIAMTheRainbowIAM.”

The other bear says “Oh wow, a talking bear!”

One doesn’t want to get all Terence McKenna (may he rest in peace) about it, but I can see finding God through hallucinogens.

It’s a question of substance.

If you come to me and say “Dude, I’ve been taking a lot of acid, and the Horned One came to me and said there is no good or evil, and what’s in my heart is the only true reality,”

then I’m gonna say “You might want to do a reboot on that.”

But if you come to me and say “Dude, I’ve been taking a lot of acid, and I realized all things in this world are interconnected, and beyond that interconnection stands a Rainbow Curtain that is both that interconnection and the umbilical cord to which that interconnection is connected,”

then I’m gonna say “I think you’re onto something.”

Most folks’ experiences will fall between these poles, natch.