In our time, to be one who¬† “stands athwart history, yelling Stop” is to be doomed to perpetual disappointment. In the Unprecedented Era, change is a constant. The only way to stop one track of change is by forming another, so if one manages to stop Change X, it will cause Change Y. Either way, change wins.

The only way conservatism has managed to achieve any victories in the Era is by allying itself with capitalism. But capitalism is a fearsome champion of change, a universal solvent. No past can maintain itself where capitalism prowls. A fire might as well try to win by allying itself with the ocean. Thus the conservative becomes a tool of his own disappointment.

If we now see movement in the West toward actual constructive action in Syria, it will be a glass-case illustration of something I have long believed:

Moderates are the only people who actually get anything done in this world. But moderates require radicals because to get traction moderates need to be able to point to radicals and say “If you don’t deal with us, you’ll end up dealing with them. And those guys are crazy.”