Monthly Archives: December 2018

In philosophy, there can be viciously vibrant thinkers, people who weave visions of ontology, technology, religion, science and the occult, those who are, as Nietzsche sang, a terrible explosive endangering everything. I’ve seen these folks. They’re very exciting.

However, it may be that the universe is really boring. In fact, I think there’s a good chance of it. The universe, humanity included, is not interesting. It is merely an assortment of particles and forces, coming from accident and winding down to a icy cold nothing. Anything “interesting” about it is an illusion of the human ego. A toad fart on a distant moon, dispersed in solar wind.

But if a philosopher were to say that, they’d be really boring. As boring as the universe they were accurately portraying. So no one would pay any attention to them. Everyone would naturally, and rightly, gravitate toward the interesting people.

Who would be wrong. But it wouldn’t matter.

And the facts of All That is the Case may be just that.