This is not a poem
For poems cannot do what I need them to do.

How do you formulate a form?
Sestinas were not designed to an RFP. They had no blueprints.
A clever word game they began, Sudoku that got out of hand.

Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
One of the great poems of the Twentieth century
An elegant tapestry, each strand as precise as only Ludwig could make them
Yet still didn’t do what he wanted it to do.

How do you formulate a form?
You don’t. You let your need etch the outline.

I feel I have an egg within me
If I find a way to open my mouth wide enough
It shall emerge, shining white, pearlescent with spit
But I cannot yet unhinge my jaw

How do you formulate a form?
The first step is: you try.

God loves us, more than any human we can ever know.
God does not give the tiniest shit about us.

But make no mistake.

God is the Ancient of Days, gray-haired and venerable. God is not the Ancient of Days.
God is the Law, the Logos, the dharma. God is not the Law, the Logos, the dharma.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions.” So shall we tour all these mansions, guided by our brother and friend Yeshua. Without his guidance we would be eaten by the worms outside. We cannot imagine what shall come at the end of the tour. Mansion after mansion, further up and further in.


At 17, “current events” were something to be studied so I could answer Scholars for Dollars questions. At 42, “current events” are like bullets snapped into a magazine that I hope will be discharged in a direction other than mine.

The phrase “party line” has three distinct meanings in American English. The first is an element of Communist doctrine. Once the vanguard of the Party had determined the truth of an issue by process of dialectical materialism, it became the “party line,” and all members of the Party had to believe it. Second, and completely separate, a “party line” was a telephone technology, common in rural areas during the early-to-mid 20th century, where a number of households shared a single line, which only one household could use at a time and on which all the households could eavesdrop. Finally, in the late 20th century, a “party line” was a phone service where users would pay X dollars a minute to engage in group chat, often of an erotic nature.

So if you had a shared phone line dedicated to erotic discussion of Communist doctrine, it’d be a party line party line party line.

Modern society in a developed nation relies on systems: systems of transportation and communication, systems of energy production, systems of waste disposal. These systems have been laboriously built up over the past two centuries. They channel tremendous force.

And if that force is misdirected, even a little bit, it’s like a tank running over a garden shed.