The Plaque Post

As of today, The Library You See In Dreams is no longer just a free sign-up blog, but a fully paid account, cash money. This upgrade was made possible by a donation from our good friend Paul Starr.

To demonstrate my appreciation, I tell you, oh reader: this post is not a post. It is a plaque. There is, right now, riveted to the surface of your laptop or mobile screen a slab, five inches by seven inches, of heavy bronze (or, if you prefer a racier appearance, brushed steel).

It reads:

Dedicated in Honor of


With Utmost Gratitude for His Generosity and Support

April 2nd, 2018

Since this is not a post, but a plaque, there is no way to link to Paul’s Glitch site, a catalog of his many literary, editorial, musical and miscellaneous creations. This is a great pity. If you ever get a chance to follow that link, you should, because it’s an extravaganza.



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