Brak Explains Lent

Understanding the theory and practice of Christian fasting can be difficult. So to guide the perplexed through to the blessings of clarity, I can think of none better than BRAK! BRAK FROM SPACE GHOST! LET BRAK EXPLAIN THE THEOLOGY!

(as he explained Romantic Love!)

Lent is a solemn time
All throughout the Universe.
It’s when the sinful part of the species goes to the God and says,
“Hey! Do you wanna bless my austerities?”
And then He would say,
“Why, yes, I’d like to bless your austerities”
And then, they’d go forty days, and they get something called
and not a big piece of beef
That they don’t eat
And that, to me, ladies and gentlemen… is Lent.
Kinda makes you cry, doesn’t it?

A good fast to all. Paschal blessings await.




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