Dismissing the Doppelganger

The dream last night: our family awoke on a bright Saturday morning (in not our real life house). Everyone was happy and yelling. I went downstairs to make breakfast, only to find our 8yrold son playing with his toys in the living room. Which was odd, because I had just seen him upstairs, and could even hear his voice behind me.

I surmised this was a malevolent spirit that had taken his form. I immediately went to the thing, prayed over it, made the sign of the Cross, and ordered it in the name of Jesus Christ to seek the mercy of God and go to Heaven.

At this point, my son came down the stairs. When he saw me talking to his doppelganger, he was understandably upset. I assured him everything was going to be all right.

The thing left–not to Heaven, but out the back door, complaining vociferously all the while. I was happy with the end of the interaction, but uneasy that it had occurred at all.

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