Electric Christmas Cards

In college, I had few funds. So few that I couldn’t even afford Christmas cards. Yet the age supplied: at that time, in the early 1990s, there arose this miraculous invention called ’email.’ I took advantage of this technology to send “electric Christmas cards,” emails that conveyed Christmas greetings. Some might accuse me of severe cheapness, but it was all I could do.

A few years later, I was out of college and in grad school, and still didn’t have any money. So I kept up my custom of holiday emails, but decided to add something: humor. Or at least, what I hoped was humor. Christmas-themed humor. I wrote a funny little story, and attached this to the emails, to balance out the outstanding disposability of my missives. Folks reacted positively, and I persisted in this custom.

Almost twenty years now, I’ve been doing this, every year finding some new facet of Christmas pop culture to explore. Sometimes I’ve actually written serious short stories, with varying results. Folks have told me they look forward to receiving them as part of their experience of the season. I hope somebody enjoys them. In any case, I intend to persist in the habit. In addition to posting the new ECCs as they come along, I shall be slowly uploading the accumulated collection to this blog, starting with the following post.


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