The Graveyard of Ideas: Intro

People think too much of ideas. The archetypal question to an author is “Where do you get your ideas?”, but writers learn early on that ideas are easy, it’s execution that’s hard. Truth is, most writers I know get constant streams of ideas, so many that the real trick is, while trying to make something of Idea A, getting Ideas B-Z to shut the hell up.

So, like most writers, I have mental filing cabinets full of old, never-used ideas, stuffed so full that drawers won’t close, mouldering manila folders springing out in all directions. I’d like to use this blog as an opportunity to get out some of those ideas, in order to make peace with the fact that they’re never going to be used, and to be a memorial of sorts to those poor story hooks whose time never came and now never will.

“The Graveyard of Ideas” shall be the header.

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