“Let their impure blood/water our furrows”

A leftists’ guide to the French Revolution.

“Well, you know, you can’t make an omelet without slaughtering and drowning a few thousand eggs.”

And it’s OK, because it wasn’t really that many people, and, bottom line–it was for a good cause.

This shit fucking terrifies me.

Human evil evolved from animal evil. Ducks rape. Chimps commit infanticide. Ants enslave. But only the human beast does so for ideas, for formless abstractions jammed together by overly large brains.

Nothing is scarier in this world than a human being with a weapon and a justification for using it.

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  1. lysid said:

    Just to clarify: this doesn’t terrify me because I think it might lead to bloody socialist revolution in this country.

    It can’t. It’s a bunch of intellectuals diddling about. If an actual revolution ever took place, they would be swept up and crushed into its currents like everybody else. Ideas don’t cause revolutions, they are excuses for them.

    What terrifies me is the human possibility to look on Manson-murder-like violence and smile (as some folks did with the Manson murders themselves). To blithely write out justifications of horror.

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